They are people that with love and own will spend much of their free time helping with the objective of the foundation.

A volunteer is that person that selflessly donated your time, knowledge, skills and resources to a social situation or problem, with the aim of contributing to it.  Join our team of volunteers and become part of the group of people who lovingly and willingly dedicate part of their free time to social work contributing to the well-being of our children.

Being a volunteer, you contribute to generate a social change, which contributes to a better quality of life of people or groups that are in a problem situation, thus building a greater social fabric and generating a greater sensitivity to social problems.

A volunteer at the Heroes and Braves foundation develops recreational spaces contributing to the emotional quality of life of children in medical treatment. Whoever volunteers develop activities of an artistic, recreational, recreational or non-formal educational nature with the population of children or caregivers who are part of the foundation.

To be part from our volunteer family, you should diligence the following form. We want to know a little more about you:

    Identity cardIdentification cardImmigration Document


    This group of volunteers visit our facilities once a week to develop recreational and recreational activities that help considerably to improve the mood of the little ones, they also provide support in the logistical part of each event that the foundation carries out.


    Food is one of our basic needs since we serve a large number of children and companions. For them we receive markets (perishable and non-perishable food), we also receive toys, clothes in good condition, school supplies, books, household items, toiletries and all kinds of objects for the entertainment of children.


    groups of collaborators from different organizations that support our cause and carry out recreational activities and donations to children.